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Exploring PROJECTIFY with Mykel Dixon – The Power of People

As we near the end of my discussions with Mykel Dixon, this episode explores what I’ve learned in developing the concepts contained in PROJECTIFY and in applying those ideas in the real world. How the power of this approach isn’t in the projects – projects are the just the key that unlocks the power of people.

In episode eight of this interview series, Mykel and I discuss how the most surprising thing that came out of the research that I did for the book was the ‘Progress Principle‘. The often misunderstood quality of meaningful progress as a driver for human endeavour. It is all the more intriguing as I’ve started to see the intrinsic motivation that progress brings, manifest itself in the people and organisations I’ve worked with.


We also talk about how the most rewarding thing I’ve experienced in applying these approaches in the business environment are the truly amazing business outcomes people deliver when we trust them to make a difference. When we give them the freedom to shape the future of the business. We discuss how these outcomes are not just confined to their strategic project activities but also filters into other aspects of their working life.

A subtle part of what I’ve uncovered in developing and applying this strategy-making approach is that becoming a nimble and adaptive business requires something more profound than a structured framework for pursuing your strategic objectives. Sure, projectifying the execution of strategy allows you to consistently and persistently pursue your strategic aspirations and adapt to emerging changes in the business landscape. But the most important aspect of strategic projects – when used effectively – is they allow the organisation to tap into your people’s skills, experiences and innate human desire to be part of something bigger.  They create workforce motivation by giving people a purpose to be motivated by – motivation that manifests itself as ownership not just compliance. It creates engagement by giving people meaningful work to be engaged in and a sense of progress that makes them want to engage more deeply.

When you unlock the power of people they drive your strategy forward because they experience the difference that future-focused work makes. The business not only progresses the strategic agenda, but business leaders can base that agenda on better insights into what will make the business stronger – for your shareholders and in the eyes of your customers.

In next week’s final episode of this interview series, we touch on some final thoughts around how to lead a projectified strategy-making approach.

As always, I also hope you’ll share the thoughts and experiences that come from your strategy-making activities – your challenges, your successes and what you’ve learned in shaping your business for the future.

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