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Valuing diversity starts with the diversity you already have


  • How do you get more value from your diversity and inclusion initiatives?
  • How do you ensure that your diversity activities don’t alienate employees when you want to make them feel more included?
  • How do you turn your organisation’s investment in greater demographic diversity into the innovation and revenue returns that the research says we should be getting?

These are questions that I’m asked by clients and event participants when I talk about valuing diversity.

In this short video, I answer the next question that often comes once we start discussing it…where do I start?

Well, it starts by elevating your diversity efforts from a line item on your managerial ‘to-do list’ to a strategic leadership opportunity to be seized.

It starts by recognising and valuing the diversity that you already have.

It starts by TRUSTING your people!

With time and intentional practice, they will see beyond the source of ideas – the gender or ethnic background or physical characters of the person offering them up – and debate and discuss them on their merits.

This gets you using the power of diverse thought, skills and experience to tackle your biggest challenges and flesh out your greatest opportunities.

While. At. The. Same. Time…shaping a safe and inclusive environment before introducing greater levels of diversity that can feel threatening or competitive.

Too often, businesses do it the other way around – they recruit, hire and promote to become more diverse then figure out how to make everyone work together effectively.

Do you think your organisation is too ‘homogeneous’ to tap into its diversity? How do you capture the diversity of thought and experience in your organisation?

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