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Are you making your diverse workplace into a tribe?

The evidence is clear – there’s value in diversity. Research pretty clearly shows that businesses with greater overall diversity are more innovative and have higher profitability when compared with the averages. But to tap into the ideas…
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Valuing diversity starts with the diversity you already have

So… How do you get more value from your diversity and inclusion initiatives? How do you ensure that your diversity activities don’t alienate employees when you want to make them feel more included? How do you turn your organisation’s…
Random acts of gratitude - Ben Waites
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Random Acts of Gratitude – Ben Waites

A couple of weeks back, my friend Mykel Dixon issued an invitation…well, it wasn’t so much an invitation as a dare. A dare to extend random acts of gratitude to people that bring light and beauty into the world. Not the usual suspects.…
Silence is the path to our best possible future
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Does the path to our best possible future live in the silence?

Recently, I was rehearsing the closing of my DIVERSIFY keynote and – for the first time in a long time – I connected to the meaning of the words that makes it one of my favourite songs of all time. I re-affirmed – for myself – that valuing…
What will replace command and control management?
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Strategy is not something you have it’s something you do

Strategy comes from a military tradition and was based on the knowledge that to successfully pursue your objectives in highly uncertain and constantly changing environments, you need future-focused thinking that’s fluid…
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Use a project mindset to create a bridge between the business and your people

In today’s constantly shifting business landscape, the thriving organisations will be those that are nimble enough to adapt at the pace of change. To create this fast-paced adaptability, business leaders need to establish and maintain a meaningful…
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The ‘business of busyness’ creates a definition of productivity that undermines our preparation for the future

To thrive – or perhaps even survive – in today’s highly dynamic environment, requires future-focused thinking that’s fluid. It requires anticipatory activity that will allow you to adapt to conditions and events as they unfold. It requires…
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Seeing the effect of the progress principle

In my last blog post, I discussed the power of meaningful progress as the driving force behind an engaged and intrinsically motivated team. Specifically, I talked about how Harvard Business School’s Teresa Amabile had uncovered the key to…