About Jeff Schwisow

    Jeff is one of Australia’s foremost thought leaders when it comes to the use of projects and the power of a ‘project mindset’.  His passion is seeing a team tap into their true potential to deliver exceptional outcomes for their customers and the businesses that employ them.

    For 30 years he lived and breathed projects – leading them, studying them, fixing them and making them sing, using traditional project management processes and techniques.  However, early on in his career, he recognised that these traditional practices could not ensure success. They were far too focused on measuring, reporting and controlling results, instead of examining the activities that generated those results.


    As Jeff tells it, “one day I looked up from my project reports and realised that without human beings, none of this data could even be generated.  I saw that as leaders we needed to stop placing all our focus on the numbers and start focusing our energy on the individuals and teams who generate them – after all, that’s where the game is won or lost.”

    To fill the void in traditional project management, Jeff developed “6 Principles of Exceptional Project Performance ”. His principles focus on strategies and tactics to maximise the outcomes for every stakeholder involved in a project.

    By 2010, Jeff had established his own practice – Continuum Performance –  his goal – to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project outcomes .

    On a daily basis Jeff came face-to-face with people’s “dreaded resistance to change”. He found that he spent more time and effort on people and leadership issues, than on improvement activities.  Out of this was born the concept ‘Projectifying Business’ – a project based approach that addresses the organisational and human challenges of trying to lead change in an entrenched environment.

    What makes Jeff unique

    “I guess it’s the range of experience I’ve had.  In addition to the considerable time I’ve spent working with senior executives on projects, in the last 5 years I’ve gained invaluable insight, through working at ground level directly with staff.  I see exactly what it is that teams need in order to work efficiently and effectively.  Importantly, I know how to get people engaged and motivated with what their organisation is trying to achieve.”

    Like what you’ve read so far…?

    Through his writing, speaking, mentoring and strategic development work, Jeff loves nothing more than helping businesses use projects and a project mindset to create a competitive advantage.  To discuss your business needs, contact Jeff on +61 414 829 070.