Jeff Schwisow Projectify Book


How to use projects to engage your people in strategy that evolves your business

Strategy is a chance for forward motion. Too many organizations put smarts ahead of action, but Jeff Schwisow makes it clear that you’ll need both.

Seth Godin Author of Linchpin


Public Speaker

Jeff Schwisow is a strategist, speaker, mentor and writer with over 30 years experience leading, studying and evolving projects.

Jeff helps businesses and organisations adopt a project mindset that allows them to generate exceptional business results and create a competitive advantage in today’s highly dynamic environment.


Even the best laid strategic plans are not enough to keep on top of today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace.

As a CEO or leader, the question you must ask yourself is not ‘How do I keep up?’, but ‘How do I lead from the front, driving change instead of responding to it?’

Your answer is to projectify.

When you use projects to create a bridge between the business and your people, you leverage the bandwidth and capability of your entire organisation so that strategy is a continuous process – where you constantly adapt your business to the changing environment.

In this book, you will learn to:

• Engage and motivate their workforce by giving them something to be engaged in and motivated by.
• Free your management team to focus on strategic direction and leadership rather than command and control of your troops.
• Create action and activity that progressively and persistently turns strategic intent into operational reality.

It is no longer good enough to do what you’ve always done and make it bigger, or do it more productively.

It’s time to use projects and engage your people to evolve your business, today.