Use the power of projects to transform the way your business adapts to the ever-changing business environment.

Apply a whole new thinking to your projects to improve the business value they deliver.

I deliver dynamic keynotes and presentations on how to empower and motivate teams to accomplish the amazing.

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My passion is projects

I love the power that is tapped when business and people come together with a common purpose – the power of possibility that exists within a fully engaged team. Projects are the vehicle for harnessing that power. It takes courage, commitment and a sense of purpose to move the needle, to make a difference, to dent your universe a little. By helping you understand the art and science of projects, I can make your people a more powerful force and your business more successful.

So, if you are looking to be more effective at improving and adapting to the ever-changing business environment or want exceptional results from your projects time after time, I have programs and services that can help.



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Clients I’ve worked with…

…and what they’re saying.

“I was particularly impressed by Jeff’s expertise in rigorous planning, control and execution coupled with outstanding communication skills which helped the Contractor …deliver within the original approved budget and 19 days ahead of program. The Project was recognized by PMI with the Global Project of the Year Award 2013.
Jeff’s knowledge of complex project planning, integration and delivery is world-class.”
“During the development and implementation of our Lean based operating model for Arrow, Jeff played a significant role in…connecting the concepts and methods to what it meant for the team members as individuals and for meeting the objectives of the organisation as a whole. Gaining that team alignment and willingness to explore was a key turning point in our effort…”
“Jeff’s work to inspire the team to deliver the vision of the Gippsland Water Factory resulted in numerous industry peer awards for the project, with the most notable being two category awards together with the overall Origin Gold Banksia award for the most outstanding sustainability project in 2011 and the 2012 Water Reuse International Award. This was a result way beyond our expectations and is credit to the professionalism of Jeff and his team.”

“Working with Jeff has given us a whole new way of thinking. With his pragmatic style, he provides a framework that allows you to translate ideas into projects, deliverables, outcomes and benefits for your business. He engages with various team members, shares his knowledge and has a great level of experience in strategic execution.

With Jeff’s help, we’ve improved our productivity, people relationships and business finances, as well as creating a change culture where the wider leadership team is thinking about the business and how to improve it.. Jeff isn’t simply a consultant – he becomes a valuable part of your team.”

“My work with Jeff has opened my eyes to how we operate projects and get our teams to work together. With his open, transparent and collaborative approach, he got us to think differently about our problem, helping us to ‘unpick the problem’ so we could deal directly with what was causing the issues instead of simply tackling the symptoms.

Jeff is extremely passionate about what he does and his approach is very different. He challenged us to think differently – pushing the boundaries, pushing the way we do things.”

“When we needed help to maintain our momentum on a complex and diverse project, Jeff was able to make the complex simple and marshal all of our resources to create a productive outcome. With his no-nonsense, pragmatic and collaborative style, he showed us how to overcome the roadblocks that were holding us back. We achieved more shared ownership of both the problem and the solution across all the project stakeholders.

Jeff is motivated, intelligent and thoughtful. He’s passionate about articulating his skills and knowledge right across the board, whether it’s with the CEO or somebody involved in project implementation. He’s a real pleasure to work with.”

“Over the years Jeff has facilitated the conversion of my teams. From attempting to deliver on a staid KPI compliant “Strategic Business Plan” to a dynamic portfolio of real improvement projects. Involving a collegiate team of knowledge workers as opposed to commanding a group of drones. Creating momentum for a constant and incremental improvement mindset.

Jeff always encouraged me to spend more time on the field and less on the scoreboard. A simple but very powerful concept.

I speak here not from theoretical concepts rather from real hands-on experience. Jeff has helped me navigate the shifting sands of business in several companies and mega projects across Australia.”