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Random Acts of Gratitude – Ben Waites

A couple of weeks back, my friend Mykel Dixon issued an invitation…well, it wasn’t so much an invitation as a dare. A dare to extend random acts of gratitude to people that bring light and beauty into the world.

Not the usual suspects. No agenda. No tit-for-tat reciprocity. Just do it because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

Right because it’s appreciation they deserve. Right because it’s good for your soul. Right because it’s what the world could desperately use more of.

I thought long and hard on who I could appreciate and knew that it had to be Ben Waites.

Who’s Ben? Check it out…I dare you!

What I truly appreciate about Ben has little to do with my vocal development. It’s that he has given me a positive, safe environment to fully express myself…to fail spectacularly and have fun doing it. To go actively in search of better – whatever that will ultimately look like – with belief and possibility as our guiding light.

And I know that I’m no special flower, he creates that space for everyone he interacts with.

There is something else you should know about Ben…the man can flat out sing!

And…his wife, Natalie, and I agree that he can rock a fedora!

Thank you, Ben Waites, for bringing beauty and light to all that you do and making the world a better place.

Who are you grateful for? How could you show them?

Go ahead…I dare you!

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