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Valuing diversity starts with the diversity you already have

So… How do you get more value from your diversity and inclusion initiatives? How do you ensure that your diversity activities don’t alienate employees when you want to make them feel more included? How do you turn your organisation’s investment in greater demographic diversity into the innovation and revenue returns that the research says we […]


Creating culture is like gardening

In my work with business and team leaders, the question of ‘culture’ invariably comes up… “Jeff, it sounds like what you’re really talking about is creating a specific culture.” To that I often respond that culture isn’t something that a leader creates – culture belongs to your people. Your role as a leader is to […]

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Strategy is not something you have it’s something you do

Strategy comes from a military tradition and was based on the knowledge that to successfully pursue your objectives in highly uncertain and constantly changing environments, you need future-focused thinking that’s fluid and activities that constantly adapt as conditions and events unfold. It’s an ongoing process of ‘execute and learn’ where purposeful thought informs action that looks for threats, advantage and opportunity in the shifting landscape.   Yet, despite the increasingly dynamic environment, business strategy has become a very static, analytical ‘plan and measure’ discipline where having […]

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Use a project mindset to create a bridge between the business and your people

In today’s constantly shifting business landscape, the thriving organisations will be those that are nimble enough to adapt at the pace of change. To create this fast-paced adaptability, business leaders need to establish and maintain a meaningful connection with their people. The most powerful way to create that connection is by engaging them in the […]