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How a project mindset creates strategy that allows your business to evolve at the pace of change

The pace of change in today’s business environment is greater than it has ever been. But this has been true for decades – for a long time, the ‘current’ environment has been more dynamic than ever before. What is different in today’s business world is the pervasiveness of that dynamism. That means the rules are […]

Creating a shared purpose gives your strategic activities the power to shape your business

Today, the ability to continuously adapt and improve in ways that meaningfully serve your overarching business purpose is one of the most important strategy-making skills. A clear sense of purpose – purpose that’s shared across the organisation –  has the greatest influence on the strategic performance required for thriving in today’s ever-changing business environment.


Strategic planning is easy, it’s strategic execution that’s hard!

Let’s face it, strategic planning takes effort. It requires an investment of time, energy and reasonable capital, depending of the depth of market and competitor analysis included in your strategic planning efforts. However, once the retreats are over and the plans are developed and documented that’s when the really hard strategic work begins – the work of […]


Does the nature of change in today’s environment have your business on the edge of a ‘tipping point’?

As just about every current business book will tell you, the pace of change in today’s business environment is greater than it has ever been. However, this ever-increasing rate of change isn’t unique to the early 21st century. It’s been occurring for several decades. What is unique today is the nature of change – not […]

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Want to thrive in the business environment of the future? Shift your strategic mindset from growth to evolution

The belief that a business is ‘either growing or dying’[1] has been entrenched in our strategic mindset since the mid-twentieth century. However, in today’s ever-more-dynamic business environment, organisations that are focused on adapting to change are the ones that thrive. These businesses believe that you’re ‘either evolving or risking extinction’.