Exploring PROJECTIFY with Mykel Dixon – A Two-Way Bridge

In this third episode of my interview with cultural architect, Mykel Dixon, we start to explore the crux of projectifying your strategy-making. We discuss how the exceptional businesses of the future will be the product of exceptional workplaces. I talk about how strategic projects are the two-way bridge that can connect a business’s strategic intent and the workplace that will allow that intent to be realised.

Myke and I play with this idea that strategic projects create the opportunity to meaningfully engage a business’s people in shaping its future. Once people see how their endeavours are contributing to that future – progressing the organisation’s strategic aspirations – they become motivated to contribute more and make greater progress. This creates an environment where not only are the business’s strategic goals being progressed in an intentional way, but you’re shaping the sort of workplace where that progress has broad-based engagement and is intrinsically motivated.

In upcoming episodes of this interview series, we’ll dig deeper into some of the fundamental steps you need to take if you want to make your strategic activities part of your operational fabric. Most importantly, we’ll explore some of the opportunities to engage your people in strategy-making that allows your business to constantly evolve and thrive in the shifting business landscape.

I hope you’re enjoying these discussions and you’ll continue to follow along as we explore how projectifying your strategy builds a bridge between the business and your people. A bridge that allows you to adapt at the pace of change and seize the opportunities that change creates.

I also hope you’ll share the thoughts and experiences that come from your strategy-making activities – your challenges, your successes and what you’ve learned in shaping your business for the future.


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