Continuum Performance

There is a way to improve the performance on your project investments

Are you struggling with these uncomfortable realities with your projects?

  • Projects fail to deliver the promised return on investment and/or business benefit
  • Project teams made up of disparate entities that are all looking to maximise their own interests at the expense of others
  • Project management practices that only yield blame, excuses, claims and greater expenditure rather than solutions and improvement
  • A growing lack of confidence in your ability to successfully deliver project outcomes

There is a cost to maintaining the status quo – to believing the current reality is as good as it gets.

If you continue to ignore your project shortcomings
your business results will just get worse

Most organisations, when faced with declining or negative returns from their project investment, do more of what traditional project management practice says works. More measurement and reporting…greater levels of risk transfer…different management software…tighter management controls…and the list goes on. But for most organisations, none of this works.

Doing MORE of what’s always been done will only ensure that you get MORE of what you’ve always gotten. Doing nothing, particularly as markets get tighter and competition get fiercer, will suck the life out of your profitability and leaving you muttering “my projects are killing me”.

I can show you a way to do projects better

The age-old project management mantra of “time, cost, quality/scope” is a focus that misses the point of our role as project leaders – it provides information that is often wrong and seldom makes a significant difference. To make a consistent difference we need to pay greater attention to the way that we DO our projects – every day in every part of the team.

I established Continuum Performance in 2010 to help redefine “what’s possible” in project delivery excellence and address the root causes of the “project failure epidemic” not just treat the “symptoms of the disease”.

And here’s the good news – the status quo is NOT as good as it gets.  I will show you that by rethinking how your projects are delivered, we can unleash the true performance potential of your project teams and increase the business value you get from your project investments.

This approach works for troubled projects as well as those just getting started

The sooner the better! Implementing this approach has successfully turned around a number of projects in crisis. However, applying this thinking in the early phases get projects on the right track before they have a chance to go off the rails.

Jeff’s work to inspire the team to deliver the vision of the Gippsland Water Factory resulted in numerous industry peer awards for the project…including the Origin Gold Banksia award …this was a result way beyond our expectations and is credit to the professionalism of Jeff and his team.

Peter Skeels Chairman, Gippsland Water Factory Alliance

Jeff’s expertise in rigorous planning, control and execution coupled with outstanding communication skills helped the major Contractor earn trust and respect from Client and key stakeholders. The overall project was delivered within the original approved budget and 19 days ahead of program.

Milind Kumar, GAICDSA Water Project Director, Adelaide Desalination Project

How we make your projects sing

We can help transform the way your people think about project performance and improve the impact on your company’s bottom line. Our programs go beyond traditional project management thinking; focusing on the way project work gets done, not just the way it gets managed.

  • Align your project’s objectives with your business strategy
  • Maximise innovation through collaboration
  • Structure your teams to leverage operational expertise
  • Bring rigour to your day-to-day project activities
  • Establish a continuous improvement framework

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