Helping businesses use projects better and do better projects

Projects are enablers. As business investments, they enable growth, expansion into new markets or product lines and adaptation to changes in the business climate. As an organisational investment, they enable people – allowing them to be more engaged and better aligned with the business’s strategic vision. Whether through improved operational efficiency, new revenue streams or improving the customer’s experience, projects are the stepping stones to a thriving business.

Unfortunately, projects fail to deliver the promised return on that investment far too often. For the majority of organisations, more than half the time they fail to provide that enabling step. In today’s dynamic and disruptive business environment, this level of project failure is going to result in ever-increasing impacts to not only the company’s bottom line but to your relevance in the market. To successfully adapt to the ever-greater pace of change, projects are the new normal and getting good at projects is becoming an essential business skill.

I help organisations create workplaces that drive exceptional business outcomes by shifting their project mindset in two ways. First, I assist in creating and nurturing a portfolio of quality projects – projects that matter – that allows you to engage and motivate your people in driving the business forward. Second, I bring new thinking to the way projects are done that transcends traditional project management practices and allows greater certainty of delivering the desired project outcomes. The result is better project investments that drive better business outcomes.

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