Even the best laid strategic plans are not enough to keep on top of today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace.

The question today’s CEO or leader must ask themselves is not ‘How do I keep up?’


‘How do I lead from the front, driving change instead of responding to it?’

The answer is to Projectify.

By using projects to create a bridge between the business and its people, you leverage the bandwidth and capability of your entire organisation so that strategy is a continuous process – where the business constantly adapts to the changing environment.

In this book, business leaders and senior managers will learn to:

  • Engage and motivate their workforce by giving them something to be engaged in and motivated by.
  • Free the management team to focus on strategic direction and leadership rather than command and control of the troops.
  • Create action and activity that progressively and persistently turns strategic intent into operational reality.

Today the 20th century adage that a business is ‘either growing or dying’ is no longer good enough – you can’t just do what you’ve always done and make it bigger, or do it more productively. Today the catch-phrase is ‘you’re either evolving or declining’ – businesses that can’t stay ahead of the pace of change no longer have time to catch up.

This book shows how to use projects to create an organisation that evolves to meet the needs and wants of its market, a place where customers are eager to invest their hard-earned money, a business that competitors look to emulate or defend against and a workplace where the culture – not the payroll – attracts and retains the best talent.